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Born on December 20th, Kerlyne Liberus always had a knack for singing since her childhood. She embarked on this journey as a gospel singer in Orange, NJ. With the passage of time, she became more and more confident and comfortable while performing publicly on stage, which motivated her to pursue singing as a career.

Kerlyne’s love for music and singing has no bounds since she enjoys it while relaxing and hanging out with her family and friends. She now works as solo artist, singer, songwriter and is often invited to lead worship in various churches.
She believes that she sings because God has gifted her with the vocal strength and because of her aspiration of singing in front of a large crowd. She quickly realized that many people were blessed by her singing and was convinced that leading people into worship was her gift, and through this she can spread God’s word everywhere she goes.

Kerlyne’s singing capabilities are not only confined to just a specific genre, but she is also highly seasoned when it comes to singing classical, soul and jazz. Her first album, “Who am I” was released in 2016 which stirred a lot of people and earned her a lot of praises and even fame. Having performed at various occasions and events, she now aims at being a rising star in the Haitian Gospel Music Industry. In light of the recognition she has received, Kerlyne aspires to be a music teacher and her goal is to always inspire others with her songs.


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